Lung Ta's Equipment

6.  Special Sound Effects

Australian Bull Roarer or Bora-Bora
“Bull Roarer” or “Bora-Bora”, in Dutch “Snorrebot” or “Zoemhout”.
A traditional instrument of the Aborigines. Swing the board around above your head, and there is a heavy humming sound. 
If the bull roarer does not immediately make the desired sound, then turn it about 20 times on the rope so that it starts 'spinning'. The sound is created when the whiskers rotate around its longitudinal axis while you let it rotate around you in a wide arc.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Object:      Australian Bull Roarer
Material:   Wood
Date:        23-05-2019
Length:    33.3 cm
Width:      8.2 cm
Code:       Lung Ta E016

Twitter Bamboo
Swing the whistle through the air on the string and a godwit-like sound is heard.
This whistle can create a sound that looks like the sounds of the Black-tailed godwit (Limosa limosa). In the Netherlands this bird is known as “Grutto”.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Object:      Whistle / Bird sound
Material:    Wood
Date:         23-05-2019
Length:      10.5 cm
Width:        2.2 cm
Code:         Lung Ta E008

Partridge Bird Whistle
This bird whistle (decoy whistle) makes sounds that resemble the sounds of partridge.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Object:      Whistle / Bird sound
Material:    Copper and Rubber
Date:         23-05-2019
Length:      14 cm
Width:        4 cm
Code:         Lung Ta E030

The murchunga is a mouth harp, also called jaw harp or in English Jew's harp (although it has no connection with Jews or Judaism). In Dutch: mondharp, kaakharp.
The mouth harp is considered one of the oldest instruments in the world. Originally it comes from Asia, but its use has spread all over the world. This mouth harp is made in Nepal and consists of a flexible metal tongue that is attached to the frame. To play the instrument, the frame must be held against the teeth and the metal tongue played with the finger to produce a tone.
The murchunga is a single pitch instrument, but the player can create the most beautiful melodies and overtones by changing the shape of his mouth and the airflow. When the musician vibrates his tongue, an enchanting sound resembles the buzzing of a swarm of bees.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Material:     Brass frame with Iron top
Date:          23-05-2019
Length:      10.8 cm
Width:        3.5 cm
Code:         Lung Ta E020