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My name is Henk Mosterdijk and under the banner of Lung Ta Sound Healing I develop all kinds of activities in which sounds play a central role.
Sounds touch me deeply. I really want to pass on to others the energy and joy that this evokes in me. I succeed well in this, my clients and audience always share that with me.
While providing sound-rich work forms (healing concerts, deep sound massages and sound meditations) I know how to bring people into a deep relaxation. Because of this deep relaxation, clients can even come to deep insights and thereby open themselves to acceptance and surrender.
Moreover, it is also seen that I am then one with myself, when I am busy making and spreading sounds.

It is my mission to bring you into a deep relaxation and it is also my intention to offer you a healing.
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Lung Ta Sound Healing has an extensive range of sound instruments, with which beautiful and special sounds can be made. Sounds are sound vibrations, but not all sound vibrations created by a healing concert or sound meditation are audible to humans. You can really assume that all sound vibrations will resonate audibly or not deep in your body.
By receiving sounds your body will be touched and massaged, both inside and outside and both physically and mentally. The result is an overwhelming, deep relaxation, through which even breakthrough insight can arise and more insight into one's own life situation can be obtained.
Collection Sound Instruments

A healing concert performed on commision is performed by Lung Ta Sound Healing on behalf of an applicant, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
Such an event is tailor-made and is designed in joint consultation, it can be performed both indoor and outdoor. This kind of healing concert is meditative and fits in with a period of silence, reflection, contemplation and meditation.
Some suggestions will be made from us to make such a sound event a success. If the participants have experienced a deep relaxation, then the healing concert can be considered a success.

Explanation of some terms used above:
Tailor made: Form of sound concert, theme, duration, which sound instruments are used.
Indoor: Spacious room, hall.
Outdoor: Terrace, garden, park, nature
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During the deep sound massage I bring resonating (vibrating) singing bowls into contact with your body and I keep those singing bowls vibrating on your body for a certain time by regularly striking them carefully and passionately.
My approach is to continuously invite the client in a safe environment to let the sounds in, so that problems, pain and/or stress can be released. What may be released can also be released and that requires acceptance.
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A sound meditation performed on commision is also performed by Lung Ta Sound Healing on behalf of an applicant both within the Netherlands and abroad.
In a sound meditation, the guided meditation component is much larger than in a sound concert.
Such an event is of course also tailor-made and is organized in joint consultation
designed, it can be performed both indoors and outdoors.
This type of sound meditation is appropriate for a period of stillness, reflection and contemplation.
Some suggestions will be made from us to make such an event a success. If the participants have experienced a deep relaxation, the sound meditation may be considered successful.

Explanation of some terms used above:
Tailor-made: Form of sound meditation, theme, duration, which sound instruments.
Indoor: Spacious room, hall.
Outdoor: Terrace, garden, park, nature

Sound-rich workforms mean sound concerts, singing bowl massages and sound meditations and all kinds of combinations thereof.
Below are some suggestions on which occasions a sound-rich workform can be offered to a group or individually.
  • During a meditative moment:
     - at a festival
     - at a company party / company outing
     - at a family party / neighborhood party
  • During a meditative meeting of a group, association or organization
  • During a Yoga class / Qi Gong class / Tai Chi class
  • While experiencing the atmosphere and energy in nature
  • During a meditation
  • During a ritual

Below you can find our contact details, in case you want to make an appointment to obtain more information or to request a singing deep sound massage, healing concert or a sound meditation by Lung Ta Sound Healing
Lung-Ta Sound Healing
Henk Mosterdijk
Csardasstraat 39
6544RV Nijmegen
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