Lung Ta's Equipment

2.  Drums

Remo SP-0606-TL 6 x 6 inch Thunder Tube Spring Drum
Remo's Thunder Tube Spring Drums sound like a real lightning strike in a tube. Thanks to a broad range of playing possibilities, you can produce various rumbling sounds. Moving the Spring Drum vibrations will be transferred to the drum head and different sounds will be produced.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:              SP-0606-TL
Date:                03-05-2018
Dimensions:     16,0 x 16,0 x 18,0 cm. 6 inch long shank and 6 inch in diameter
Weight:            486 g
Finishing:         Top and bottom covered with Fiberskyn 3 material
Code:               Lung Ta E034


Shamanic Frame Drum
A sturdy frame drum made of ash wood with a prepared calf skin. The skin is relatively taut.
You can hold the drum by its rope-braided handle or by the ring in the middle.
This drum can be used as a shamanic drum and also as a frame drum for Middle Eastern rhythms. 

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Object:             Wooden Shamanic Drum
Material:           Ash wood, Prepared calf skin and rope
Diameter:         46.5 cm
Heigth:             7.8 cm
Colour:             Light yellowish brown
Weight:            1.6 kg
Date:                23-05-2019
Code:               Lung Ta E130

Remo Ocean Drum Nightwaves

Of course, a real ocean drum doesn't just look like the sea, but also looks like it. The Remo Ocean Drum Nightwaves certainly does. This ocean drum is made from Remo's own Acousticon, a shell material made from recycled wood cells. These are laminated under high pressure and then impregnated and coated for the best possible end result. This makes your sea effects sound even more realistic.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:             Ocean Drum Nightwaves
Material:          Acousticon
Date:               31-05-2019
Dimensions:    63.5 mm x 406.4 mm
Weight:            2.5 k
Code:              Lung Ta E135

Handpan C# Ohm 432 Hz 
The scale is called C# Ohm 432 Hz, and the notes listed from the center (ding) are: (C#) G#, A, B, C#, D#, G, F#, G#.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:          C# Ohm 432 Hz
Notes:          (C#) G#, A, B, C#, D#, G, F#, G#
Made in:       2019
Material:       Nitrided steel
Date:            13-02-2020
Diameter:     55.8 cm
Heigth:         26.9 cm
Thickness:   1.0 mm
Weight:         3300 g
Code:            Lung Ta E275.0

Antique Shamanic Drum from Nepal
This drum has a beautiful grounding sound and is used both Buddhist and Shamanic.
The handle is in the shape of a Purba. A Purba, also called a Vajrakila, is a ritual dagger that serves to "nail to the ground" demonic counter-forces of the Buddhist teachings.
It is also used to ward off negativity. This so-called "Thunder Nail" also symbolizes "Breaking Insight".

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Object:             Wooden Shamanic Drum
Region:            Nepal (country of origin)
Period:             2nd half 20th century
Material:           Wood and Leather
Colour:             Dark brown and orange brown
Weight:            2.4 kg
Dimensions:     51×25×10 cm
Date:                23-09-2020
Code:               Lung Ta E350