Lung Ta's Equipment

3.  Tambourines   -   Rattles   -   Shakers

Rainmaker   -   Meinl RS1BK-XL Rainstick
The Meinl RS1-BK-XL Rainstick is a rainstick or rainmaker with a length of 120 cm and provided with traditional Aboriginal painting.
The sound of a rain shower is created with the help of granules that fall down in a rotating movement. This beautiful effect instrument has a lot of projection and a long-lasting sound.
It can also be used as a large shaker.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:            RS1BK-XL
Material:        Bamboo
Colour:          Basic colour black with symbols in different colours:
Date:             03-05-2018
Length:          47 inch (120 cm)
Dimensions:  120,0 x 9,0 x 9,0 cm
Weight:          3.0 kg
Code:            Lung Ta E026

Shipibo Maraca / Shipibo Rattle Shamanic T
This traditional ceremonial rattle (maraca) is handcrafted by the Shipibo in the Peruvian Amazon.
The body is made of gourd and the handle of the chonta tree. They are filled with Achira seeds and decorated with traditional Shipibo patterns. These are traditional Icaros patterns sung by shamans during Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Material:   Gourd (Kalebas) and Chonta wood
Colour:     Dark brown
Date:        23-05-2018
Length:     21 cm
Widht:       5 cm
Code:        Lung Ta E022

Juju maraca / Horse Hoof Rattle
Horse hoof sounds can be made with this rattle. It most resembles horse hooves when you play 2 at the same time.
This special instrument has been made of coconut, enta nut, rattan and hemp rope.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Material:           Coconut, Enta nut, Rattan and Hemp rope
Colour:             Dark brown and Light brown
Date:                23-05-2018
Length:             25-27 cm
Widht:              9-10 cm
Code:               Lung Ta E022

Shamanic Rattle

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Colour:      Dark brown and Light brown
Date:         23-05-2018
Length:      21.2 cm
Widht:        5.1 cm
Code:         Lung Ta E019

Dance Rattle
With this raffia rattle with large dark brown nuts you can produce a splashing waterfall-like sound. The nuts come from the Entada tree. From Ghana.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Colour:             Dark brown
Date:                23-05-2018
Length:             Approx. 30 cm
Weight:            Approx. 600 g
Code:               Lung Ta E022

Dance Rattle
A simple wristband, to which goats' hooves are attached. From Bolivia.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Colour:             Dark brown
Date:                23-05-2018
Length:             Approx. 20 cm
Weight:            Approx. 300 g
Code:               Lung Ta E014

Meinl CFT5-BK Cajon Foot Tambourine
The Meinl CFT5-BK is a great accessory for the creative percussionist. Drummers can of course also use the CFT5-BK. It can also be a nice accessory for blazers! Five pairs of stainless steel jingles provide the typical tambourine sound. Easy to attach to your foot with a sturdy strap and thanks to its compact size, the CTK5-BK always fits in your bag.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:            CFT5-BK
Material:         Synthetic material and Stainless steel
Date:              29-05-2018
Dimensions:   13,0 x 8,0 x 4,0 cm
Weight:           102 g
Number of Jingles:            5 pairs
Beatring-type:                    Foot bound
Material Jingles:                Stainless steel
Type cajon accessories:   Cajon add-on
Code:                                Lung Ta E015

Meinl TA2AB Traditional Wood Tambourine
Meinl TA2AB is the right choice for the percussionist who is looking for a tambourine with a clear sound, a large dynamic range and a classic look. The 10 inch large wooden frame has been provided with two rows of steel jingles, 16 pairs in total. Finished in the color African Brown. Thanks to the narrowing in the frame, this instrument is comfortable to hold. With this tambourine you can work well in various styles within pop, jazz, world classical and folk music. 

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:      TA2AB
Material:   Wood and Nickel-plated steel
Colour:     African Brown
Date:        29-05-2018
Number of Jingles:   16 pairs
Material Jingles:       Nickel-plated steel
Beatring-type:           Handheld
Code:                        Lung Ta E028

Meinl KO1AM Kokiriko or Binzasara
The Kokiriko is mostly used as a sound effect, but it is also possible to play rhythmic patterns with it. In Japan, where this instrument comes from, the Kokiriko is also called “Binzasara”. “Binzasara” literally means “collection of wood”. The instrument consists of a series of wooden plates, which are attached to each other on one side with a sturdy piece of leather. By moving the pictures together with a movement of the wrist, a sound is created that can be compared to that of a grating guiro, a rattlesnake or falling domino stones.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:            KO1AM
Material:         Wood and Leather
Colour:           Amber
Weight:           900 g
Dimensions:   45,0 x 23,0 x 7,0 cm
Date:              31-05-2019
Code:             Lung Ta E044

Remo SR-2412-27 Didgeharp Shaker
As a percussionist or drummer you are of course always looking for unique sounds. This Remo SR-2412-27 Didgeharp Shaker is a new type of instrument with a beautiful Aboriginal finishing. You play the instrument by moving it back and forth or by tapping it. The eccentric sound is somewhere between that of a didgeridoo and a mouth harp.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:            SR-2412-27
Material:         Synthetic material
Finishing:       Aboriginal design
Date:              15-01-2020
Dimensions:   31,0 x 6,0 x 6,0 cm
Weight:           200 g
Code:             Lung Ta E023

Remo SR-0204-18 Praise shaker
 This Praise shaker or also called Plume shaker has a spiritual message in addition to its instrumental value. The soft, mellow sound could help with a bad mood. If you don't believe in this, just as good friends! In that case you will get a very nice metal shaker with a spiritual print on the outside. Both ends feature a Fiberskyn head that allows you to produce the characteristic sound.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:             SR-0204-18
Material:           Metal cylindric case
Finishing:         Spirituall design
Date:                15-01-2020
Dimensions:     10,5 x 5,5 x 5,5 cm
Weight:            114 g
Code:               Lung Ta E015

Remo SR-0203-28 FX Shaker
With the shaker series from Remo you can imitate sounds from nature using different instruments. With this SR-0203-28 FX Shaker you can produce the sound of the Australian Corroboree frog by alternately closing the hole of the shaker with your palm. Especially if you do not know what a Corroboree frog looks like, Remo will help you with the print.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:             SR-0203-28 FX
Material:          Synthetic material and Metal
Finishing:        Top and bottom finished with Fiberskyn 3 material
                       The body is colorful and provided with the image of a Corraboree frog
Date:              15-01-2020
Dimensions:   8,0 x 6,0 x 8,0 cm
Weight:           990 g
Code:             Lung Ta E016

Meinl BI2NT Birds, Wood with Handgrip
Meinl's BI2NT is a hand percussion instrument called “Birds”. He owes this name to the sound of a flock of birds that he can produce when played on. The instrument is built around a natural cord that ends in a handle. Several natural-colored rubberwood shells hang from the cord. These let out a warm and dry chirp when they are touched. All in all, an interesting instrument with which you will be able to experience various sound effects.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:            BI2NT
Material:         Handgrip: Natural cord / Shell material / Rubber tree wood (Hevea brasiliensis)
Colour:           Naturel
Weight:           300 g
Dimensions:   210 x 120 x 130 mm (BxHxD)
Date:              29-01-2020
Code:             Lung Ta E039

Meinl NI1AM The Night
By means of a simple wrist movement, the four solid steel balls make contact with the steel cylinder and the unique and immediately recognizable sound of crickets in the night is created. Meinl made the body of amber wood and provided it with a comfortable handle and the Meinl logo. Very soothing and fun to combine with, for example, a rainstick, sea drum, frog rasp, kalimba and finger cymbals to create beautiful soundscapes.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Model:            NI1AM
Material:         Amber wood and Steel
Date:              28-05-2020
Dimensions:   21,0 x 19,0 x 3,0 cm
Weight:           800 g
Code:             Lung Ta E024