Lung Ta's Equipment

7.  Other Accessories

Golden Arabic Vintage Filigree Table or Floor Lamp

There are hundreds of round holes in the housing of the Golden Arabic Vintage Filigree Table or Floor Lamp, so that when the light is switched on, beautiful oriental filigree patterns are projected on the floor or the walls. This lamp creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the interior, which can be expected from an Arab lamp.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Object:        Golden Arabic vintage Filigree Table Lamp
Material:     Metal
Date:          23-01-2020
Diameter:   30 cm
Heigth:       25 cm
Weight:      2.5kg
Code:         Lung Ta E079

Shiny Crystal Ball with Amethyst Inside

The deep spiritual purple color of this crystal ball is due to amethyst: the stone of letting go.
Amethyst crystals have spiritual properties and can be used to help raise your level of consciousness. They form a bridge between earthly and etheric worlds, opening a gate to spiritual awareness.

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Object:        Crystal ball with amethyst inside
Material:     Crystal with amethyst Inside l
Date:          23-05-2019
Diameter:   11.9 cm
Heigth:       1.3 cm
Weight:      1.9 kg
Code:         Lung Ta E035

Buddha Statue   -   Wooden Gilded Buddha

Specifications   -   Product Characteristics
Object:             Wooden gilded Buddha
Model:             Myanmar Buddha – In typical posture
Region:            Myanmar (country of origin)
Period:             Late 20th centurySupplier:
Material:           Wood provided with some crystals and gemstones
Colour:             Naturel. Orange-brown
Weight:            2.4 kg
Height:             36 cm
Width (base):   27 cm
Date:                24-09-2020
Code:               Lung Ta E091